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Renovating your dealership to conform to the latest branding standards is more complicated than it seems…

  • You’ll need to hire an architect to translate the company design into blueprints that work for your particular building.
  • You’ve got to navigate your way through the local planning board to get approval for your project.
  • You’ll have to keep an eye on the construction and address the inevitable issues that arise in projects of this nature.

Kitty Van Bortel

“I’ve worked with Mitchell for 20 years…”
Mitchell Design Build

As a car dealer, I know the automobile business, but when it comes to construction, I needed to work with someone I could depend on and trust.[Read More]

Our dealership has had a relationship with Mitchell Design-Build for more than 20 years. Together, we have completed various projects, from the construction of new facades to numerous interior and site renovations at all three of our dealerships. Rick Mitchell has worked with other car dealers, so he brought knowledge and previous experience in my industry to the table as well.

Rick is honest, professional and brings architectural knowledge and experience to every single project he takes on.


You’re in the car business – not the construction business!

That’s why local dealerships like Van Bortel (Ford, Subaru), Doyle (Subaru, Chevy), Cortese (Ford), and Piehler (Pontiac, GMC, Subaru) have trusted their facade renovations to Mitchell Design Build.

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Van Bortel

Van Bortel

Van Bortel

Van Bortel

Van Bortel

Van Bortel

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