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Two heads are not always better than one!

Why hire one company to design and another to build when you can have it all with Mitchell?

Our integrated approach allows you to benefit from a single point of contact who not only manages your project, but knows and understands every intricate detail from start to finish. At Mitchell, you will work with a true design/build expert who will have a hand in design, proper execution and construction during each phase.

  • Eliminate duplication
  • Simplify communication
  • Condense timelines
  • Lower costs
Our Design Build Company Rochester NY

To truly understand how to design, you must understand the logistics of how to build. At Mitchell, we do more than design great buildings. We build, renovate and construct great buildings based on great – and realistic – design.


Our design/build concept is one that simultaneously encompasses both architecture (design) and construction (build). This may seem obvious, but for us, it is much more than industry jargon. It’s a synergy, an approach, and a way of being.

At Mitchell

Design Build,

we are architects. We are builders. We are architects who build and we are builders who are architects. At most firms, you will find one or the other, often leading to a disconnect between the two. For us, we understand both sides of the equation and we work together – with you – to keep costs down and your project moving forward.

Our architecture department performs master planning of sites and structures, building design and construction drawings, contributes expertise in code compliance and takes on any necessary municipal approval process for each and every project. With the latest in computer software and state-of-the art technology, we also provide our clients with three-dimensional computer renderings to help visualize the end result.

All Mitchell architects are required to become Certified Building Code Officials – something that we believe strongly in and truly sets us apart.

The Mitchell construction team works closely with the architect(s) who design your project, applying superior workmanship and expertise. And, because our architects are certified and well-versed in building codes, many potential headaches are automatically alleviated. As an industry leader in the construction of commercial, retail, industrial, office buildings and more, the Mitchell team offers a cohesive approach to the execution of each project.

Mitchell Design Build Company, based in Rochester, NY, building on a foundation of architecture.


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