Building projects evolve to include discussions, plans for sustainability

Jul 30, 2014

Though interpretations are different, eco-friendly sites have become popular.

Sustainability can be in the eye of the beholder in commercial construction. “One of the challenges that we have in this field is that there are different interpretations of the word “sustainability,” asserts Nabil Nasr, director of Rochester Institute ofTechnology’s Golisano Institute of Sustainability.

Despite that difficulty, local construction firms describe the concept of sustainability in much the same general manner.

“Sustainability is building a project, or doing a building or renovation, that minimizes environmental impact.” explains Nancy Jendryaszek. a partner at Pathfinder Engineers & Architects LLP. Pathfinder engages in sustainable design and construction and consults in the field.

Multiple factors determine the sustainability of a building, including the site on which it stands, how it is cooled and heated, and the manner in which those who tear the building down dispose of the waste. All depend upon the nature of the building, desires of the customer involved and the materials and resources available.

Mitchell Design Build raises questions regarding environmental sustainability at the start of just about every project it undertakes.

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