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Since 1983, Mitchell Design Build has delivered integrated and innovative building solutions to commercial businesses. From initial site selection to construction completion, we’ve worked on more than 40 million square feet of property in the Rochester and Western New York areas. We create award-winning spaces where businesses not only grow but thrive.

Each project is approached with real-world expertise by a team of professionals who not only understand the design phase but also know construction. This collaborative approach promotes creative problem solving and innovation. From a high-level view to the smallest details, a design-build balance is applied every step of the way, resulting in a streamlined process that keeps your project moving.

This integrated approach also gives you:

  • Streamlined communication
  • A 360-degree view of your project
  • Condensed timelines
  • Cost savings
  • Optimized quality
  • Single source accountability
We are here to answer all your building questions, large or small, design- or construction-related. We have the expertise and knowledge to look at everything through a unique lens which is always blending good design, constructability and costs.”

Spencer Read / President

What is Integrated Design-Build?

A comprehensive approach to project delivery where building design and construction are provided in a streamlined fashion by the design-build team. This unified flow of work from initial concept to completion improves desired outcomes, timelines, costs, and communication.

As Rochester’s only true integrated design-build company, Mitchell Design Build will provide you with all the services you need to complete your building project and maintain it for its lifespan.


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An integrated approach from a cohesive team

When you work with Mitchell Design Build, you’ll have access to a team where each member knows your project’s details inside and out. We work diligently to find complete, proactive solutions to minimize setbacks while maximizing efficiencies.

See our spaces

At Mitchell Design Build, we understand both design and construction, and work together to keep your project moving forward.

Bright Raven

February 2020. Services: Construction / Building Code Consulting / Planning Board Representation / Building Maintenance & Renovations

Van Bortel Subaru

Completed November 2018. Services: Site Selection  /  Construction  /  Building Code Consulting


Completed January 2021. Services: Construction  /  Building Code Consulting  /  Building Maintenance & Renovations

Hear from our
satisfied clients

Kim Baxter / QCI

It was clear from the beginning that they were going to be a partner and not just someone we hired, and that played out from the moment we started. They were very responsive. We were a priority. It was clear they were devoted to what they do, and they were very intense in their attention to their project. That gave us a lot of confidence.

Scott Reardon / D3 Engineering

We chose to work with Mitchell because they felt most like us. They’re a small business and we’re a small business. They felt like they were the right size for us. The owners or leaders were on site to communicate with us.

Harvey Fleming / Arctic Glacier

We used Mitchell on a major renovation of our plant. The project was full of unknowns because its such an old building. They had to build walls and tear down other walls. There was a lot of engineering and some unforeseen issues, yet they were able to work through them in a timely fashion and stay within time frame and the budget.


Keeping up with Mitchell Design Build

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Sr. Project Manager Josh attended training and toured the production facility at @chief_buildings last week. He saw firsthand the quality of materials and precision engineering that goes into each Chief Pre-Engineered Metal Building. MDB even got a shout-out in the training for our award-winning @lifestorage building in Penfield! #designbuild #PEMB #preengineeredmetalbuilding #training #commercialconstruction #architecture #design #selfstorageindustry #selfstorage
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Working in a building over 100 years old, the only way to find out how thick the concrete floors are, and what's in the concrete, is to take a core sample. These cool cylinders are from the Sibley building. #designbuild #architecture #commercialconstruction #renovation #concrete #ROC
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A Cinderella Story like no other! Grasshoppers take the Championship!! #officefun #grasshoppercookies #bracketchallenge #teamMDB
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MDB Bracket Challenge - Cookie Edition - What an upset! Grasshoppers take out Oreos in the final four to face Oreo Double Stuf in the Championship!! #officefun  #bracketchallenge #oreodoublestuf #grasshoppercookies #championship #designbuild #architecture #commercialconstruction #teamMDB
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