QCI is one of Rochester’s Coolest Spaces!

Jul 26, 2021

Rochester is home to hundreds of cool spaces—from breathtaking architecture to cutting-edge design to repurposed buildings being used in new and different ways. The Rochester Business Journal asked readers to share their favorites. From there, RBJ editors selected 30 coolest spaces to showcase in the Rochester Business Journal and on RBJ.net on Aug. 27, 2021.

We’re thrilled that our project at QCI has been recognized as one of Rochester’s Coolest Spaces.

QCI’s expansion into an unfinished lower level of their building now features high end finishes, glass office walls and doors, ceiling baffles and fantastic light fixtures. We wanted to overdeliver on the client’s expectations for this project, and we hit the mark.

“They were not just aiming to give us a space that we wanted – but one that they could also be proud of. Pride in their work is evident. We appreciate it because the space came out amazing!” Ed Shill, QCI

“We are always extremely happy when we can reciprocate business with some of our amazing business partners.  This project was not only a lot of fun for us to build due to some of the very technical detailing, but also a real point of pride since it came out so well.  It’s always great to see Owner’s who truly care about their spaces and want to make sure that they are providing the best space possible for their employees and there’s no doubt QCI did that with this project!” Spencer Read, Mitchell Design Build