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All of the experts at Mitchell Design Build are proud to stand behind the work we do for our clients. And our clients know they can count on us to start—and finish—their projects on time and on budget.

Communication with Mitchell has been fantastic. Any time I reach out whether by text or phone or email they are very quick to respond. I’m very happy with the work Mitchell has done. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences, especially with Spencer. Everything has been phenomenal. Zero issues with quality of work. Their response time is awesome, and they finish projects right on schedule.

Lance Daffler


Ours is a city owned property, so we needed to navigate multiple layers of bureaucracy to get designs approved. Mitchell was phenomenal from start to finish in dealing with city architects and building services. 

I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted the design to be—the design team had phenomenal ideas for a two-phased renovation, showing me the best way to do phase one so we’re in a good spot for phase two. That added so much to the process. It’s easy for me to say ‘this is what I want’. They say ‘that’s a great idea, here’s the best way to accomplish what you’re looking for’. I was very impressed. They were phenomenal from top to bottom.

Zach Graham

Arbor Venues


Pittsford, NY

We chose Mitchell because their intensity and engagement were second to none. They were super focused, super intense about what we wanted the space to look like and how it was going to work and what they needed to do to work around our current office. They were head and shoulders above everyone else. They were not just aiming to give us a space that we wanted – but one that they could also be proud of. Pride in their work is evident. We appreciate it because the space came out amazing!

Ed Shill


It was clear from the beginning that they were going to be a partner and not just someone we hired, and that played out from the moment we started. They were very responsive. We were a priority. It was clear they were devoted to what they do, and they were very intense in their attention to their project. That gave us a lot of confidence.

Co-existing in the same space with construction—that was important. They made sure work was done ahead of time so as not to disturb. They made it work—and we appreciated that. They were very attentive to ensuring things are getting finished. They stayed focused to get the project done beyond our expectations.

Kim Baxter


Mitchell understood 3 different things—how to do the work, how to balance the schedule & costs and how to complete the work on time & on budget. Everything they’ve done looks good. We get lots of comments about it. It fits with the existing architecture, but looks modern, too. It looks like a new part of the building, but it blends well with the rest of the build.

Scott Reardon

D3 Engineering

When I work with Mitchell I feel well represented. They will attend the planning boards and zoning boards. They’ll take you in front of those boards as your representative. When they are representing me I know I’m well represented.”


Arctic Glacier

Fairport, NY

We chose to work with Mitchell Design Build because after putting our project out to a few companies for competitive bids, Mitchell came back with the right attitude. ‘We’re going to make this work for you. Obviously we’ll make suggestions—that’s what we do—but it’s your project and we’ll do what you want.’ They followed through with that and did an awesome job.

We used Mitchell on a major renovation of our plant. The project was full of unknowns because it’s such an old building. They had to build walls and tear down other walls. There was a lot of engineering and some unforeseen issues, yet they were able to work through them in a timely fashion and stay within time frame and the budget.

Whenever we had a concern about a project Spencer and Rick would drop everything and come by and ease our concerns. Fabulous guys to work with. Crews were courteous and safe. Safety is always a major concern. They followed all OSHA guidelines and were very professional. I can’t say enough about them.

Harvey Fleming

Arctic Glacier